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Early Childhood Education incorporates all aspects of a child’s development, including, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, building a lifelong foundation for growth in all these areas. Early childhood education in a preschool setting often takes place during the three-year-old and four-year-old years. 

Three-Year-Old Program

The first year of preschool, known as the “three-year-old year” is aimed at helping children feel safe, comfortable, and confident in a school and play environment that they share with children of similar ages. Valuable lifelong skills are modeled and taught, such as sharing, personal space, growing attention spans, group participation, and building self-confidence to name just a few. These skills are valuable contributors to a child’s future social and academic success.

Following this first year of preschool as a three-year-old, children become very comfortable in the classroom. This is because they’ve had a year of good interactions with teachers and classmates and have developed important fine motor skills like coloring, writing, and cutting. All of this sets them up for a year of significant growth and learning when they turn four.

J.U.M.P.’s three-year-old program equips children to delve into deeper learning and growth when they enter the four-year-old program.

It is with these things in mind that the Johnstown United Methodist Preschool (J.U.M.P.) offers a three-year-old program consisting of 2 ½ hour classes, twice a week, committed to meeting the individual development needs of each child, in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment.

Four-Year-Old Program

Our four-year-old program offers 10 hours of preschool each week over three days. These classes build on the growth and development of each child as they begin to embrace more academic concepts based on Colorado’s standards for children entering Kindergarten while continuing to encourage and support each child’s personal growth in all areas in a fun, engaging, caring, and positive manner.

From Kathy Scott, retired educator of 34 years in the Weld RE-5J school district:

“This past year my granddaughter has been enrolled in her first year of preschool at JUMP. She is thriving in her three-year-old class. There are so many reasons for children to attend two years of preschool.

Three-year-old preschools have an emphasis on the social and emotional well-being of the child. This is crucial to later school success. While academics is the emphasis during the four-year-old class, a successful preschool builds on the foundation set by the three-year-old class. These classes go hand in hand. A child needs two years of preschool to excel in school. As an -+-educator for 34 years, I can always tell the difference between the students who attend preschool and the ones who do not.

My granddaughter is thriving at J.U.M.P. The balance of social and emotional activities and the academics is perfect for her. I highly recommend to all parents to take the opportunity to place your child in the three and four-year-old preschool and J.U.M.P. is a wonderful place to begin your child’s journey into school. I believe two years of preschool is such a gift a parent can give to their child.”

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We love JUMP! Super organized preschool that keeps families informed. Great activities planned and my son loves it!

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